The owners of this Falmouth property needed a design that would create a relaxing and beautiful outdoor space to enjoy during their downtime from work and their two children’s demanding sports schedules.  Using the existing pool as a focal point of the design, we transformed the existing yard into a unique and courtyard entertaining area with an organic natural stone transition to the upper level pool area.  The existing concrete pool deck was removed and replaced with gorgeous bluestone and now the homeowners have an amazing outdoor living space and pool area to come home to everyday and unwind.

  • Design: Pinnacle Landscape & Design
  • Installation: Pinnacle Landscape & Design
  • Photo Credit: James Salamon
  • Project Elements:
  • Courtyard dining/entertaining patio incorporating easy access to the kitchen for grilling
  • Plants and landscape lighting to soften the space and add texture and color
  • Custom natural stone steps to access the house
  • Natural stone retaining wall to create proper grade transitions between the pool and the courtyard levels
  • Bluestone pool coping
  • Bluestone pool deck
  • Sod lawn