Elegant Entertaining:  For this elegant Cumberland Foreside property, we created a large dining/entertaining patio with a freestanding sitting wall framed in by a fire feature and ornate pillar perfect for displaying the homeowners beautiful annual planters.  Winding paver paths connect the dining patio to a smaller, more intimate patio for the homeowners to enjoy when not entertaining company.  The slope of the site was controlled with a dry-laid natural stone wall with inlaid granite steps to access the lawn from the patio level, accessed with granite steps.

  • Design: Pinnacle Landscape & Design
  • Installation: Pinnacle Landscape & Design
  • Photo Credit: James Salamon
  • Project Elements:
  • Dining/entertaining patio with:

o Sitting wall

o Fire feature

o Ornate pillar

o Outdoor grill surround with custom granite counter

o Plantings

  • A separate smaller patio to create a more tranquil and intimate outdoor space for the homeowners to enjoy
  • Landscape lighting
  • Plantings
  • Natural stone retaining wall with inlaid granite steps