Craving a rural home location with more land and privacy but deciding to remain in place while their children are still school age, these South Portland homeowners decided to bring the look and feel they wanted to them. Incorporating custom natural stone features and native plants, Pinnacle designed and installed an organic sanctuary space tailored to the their specific. All the stone used was sourced from Maine. The patio stone was supplied by JC Stone in Jefferson, Maine. The wall stone and stone steps were sourced from an undeveloped site in Freeport, Maine. Each piece of stone in the patio was hand cut by Pinnacle to create pleasing lines and shapes. All of the stone steps were hand split and cut by Pinnacle to create stair features that look like they’ve existed for centuries. This project was a labor of love and truly one-of-a-kind.

  • Design: Pinnacle Landscape & Design
  • Installation: Pinnacle Landscape & Design
  • Photo Credit: Sarah Szwajkos
  • Project Elements:
  • Custom, multi-level terraced stone patio with dining/entertaining area and spa level
  • Natural stone retaining wall to support the raised patio
  • Three sets of custom natural stone steps
  • Stone benches and coffee tables
  • Flagstone front walkway
  • Paver driveway
  • Outdoor shower
  • Roof drainage infiltration system
  • Fire feature
  • Sod lawn
  • Landscape lighting
  • Planting in backyard, side and front yard